Code Enforcement

The Ephrata City Council has established codes and ordinances. These codes and ordinances protect the health, safety, and quality of life of Ephrata residents, businesses, and visitors and keep our city beautiful.

The Community Development Department and the Ephrata Police Department share the enforcement of municipal codes, which are available to view at the link below.

Municipal Codes


If citizens feel these municipal codes are being violated, they should contact the appropriate department to advise of a possible code violation. Examples of violations are overgrown lots, abandoned vehicles on private property, junk accumulation, and any other nuisances that make the city look shoddy or unkempt. Violations of this type and Civil Code Violations such as business license violations, building code violations, and zoning violations are enforced through the Community Development Department. Please complete the Code Violation Complaint form.

Once reported, the matter will be investigated. If it is found to be a valid violation, the Code Enforcement Officer will begin the process of correcting it. The amount of time it takes for a violation to be corrected varies with each situation.

If you would like an update on the case's progress, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer. If the problem reoccurs after being corrected, please report it again.

Some code violations should be reported directly to the Police Department through MACC at 509-762-1160. These violations are noise and animal complaints, such as barking dogs and dogs running at large and abandoned, junk vehicles parked on city streets, or blocking the right of way.