File a Complaint

Filing a complaint regarding a municipal code violation:

First determine which department your code complaint falls under. While we understand that trying to determine the right department to report the violation to can be a little confusing, please bear with us as we may need to redirect you to the appropriate department.  If you have reported a violation to the wrong department, you will be instructed which department is appropriate and directed to report the violation directly to that department. It is important that staff and officer speak with the complainant directly to gather all the pertinent information regarding the complaint. 

Report to the Community Development Department

Code violations such as overgrown grass and weeds, accumulated trash and junk vehicles on private property, noxious smells from trash, and other quality of life violations are handled by the Community Development Department. Other violations to report to the Community Development Department would be business license violations, derelict buildings, building code violations.  

Fill out the Code Complaint form and submit it to Stacy Hooper. Each Code Violation Complaint form must be completely filled out and signed by the complainant. If the all of requested information is not included on the form, the complaint may not be investigated.

Report to the Police Department
Code violations that are related to safety, noise, animals, and vehicles on the public right of way should all be reported to the Police Department. 

All code violations handled by the Police Department can be reported directly to MACC at 509-762-1160 for an officer to be dispatched.