The City Administrator is appointed by the Mayor and charged with the daily operations of the City. 

The City of Ephrata is structured in various departments to specialize in areas critical to serving the needs of the public.  Our department heads work hard to ensure that we are providing the best service possible while being fiscally responsible. Any formal summons or notice can be addressed to them. A department head is authorized to accept such service on behalf of the City.

All City Employees can be reached by calling 509-754-4601. Below is a listing of the departments that comprise the City of Ephrata and how to contact each department head at their extension number or by emailing them directly. 

Building Department
Bill Cox, Building Official
509-754-4601 ext 135

Finance/Utility Billing

Leslie Trachsler, Finance Director/City Clerk  
509-754-4601 ext. 120

Fire Department

Jeremy Burns, Fire Chief
509-754-4601 ext. 241
For emergencies, dial 911.

Parks and Recreation Department
Josh Johnson, Director

Community Development

Ron Sell, Director  
509-754-4601 ext. 124


Erik J. Koch, Chief of Police  
509-754-2491 ext. 112
For emergencies, dial 911.

Public Works (Water, Sewer and Park Maintenance)

Rob Harris, Director
509-754-4601 ext. 114

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