P&R Commission

The Parks and Recreation Commission is comprised of seven (7) community members who advise the Department and City Council on any item which pertains to their charter. The Parks and Recreation Commission meets the fourth Monday of each month at 12:00 noon in Ephrata City Hall. Click here for more information about the Parks and Recreation Commission's Agendas and Minutes.

Ephrata Parks & Recreation
Commission Charter

Mission: To develop places, facilities and programs that improve the quality of life in Ephrata for all citizens and visitors while fostering a sense of community and pride.

The Ephrata Parks and Recreation Commission will implement and promote a Parks and Recreation plan that reviews open space, provides diverse park and recreation facilities, promotes the proper management of recreation resources, and encourages diverse recreational opportunities. The Parks and Recreation element may address:

Community Character.
The city will maintain the general appearance and aesthetic quality of the community.
Recreation Areas. The city will seek to preserve, acquire and enhance open space areas to provide a variety of recreational opportunities.

Geological Features
. The city will preserve geological features and vistas which are dominant in the landscape and aesthetically pleasing. Open space areas will also be designated to protect critical areas and resource lands.

Incompatible Land Uses.
The city will use open space and buffer areas to separate incompatible land uses.

Open Space Links.
The city will develop links between open space areas that provide a variety of functional recreational uses. The plan will also develop links between open space areas and other uses such as schools
and commercial areas in order to encourage pedestrian oriented transportation.

Recreational Opportunities.
The city will encourage public and private endeavors which provide a full range of easily accessible recreational opportunities to all person s including the physically handicapped, elderly, youth and economically disadvantaged.****
The Parks and Recreation Commission will annually review “The City of Ephrata Comprehensive Open Space and Recreation Plan” and based on feedback from public meetings, input, and surveys, utilize it as a guidepost
for its agenda.

The Parks and Recreation Commission will consider and be aware of the City of Ephrata and other local organizations development plans for consistent application of Parks and Recreation activities.

The Commission is advisory to the city council and although no specific budget is available the P&R commission can recommend capital expenditures and operation & maintenance needs to the city council for their approval.

In fulfilling the above duties, the Commission may conduct focus group or other meetings with the public.