Animal Control

There are various animal issues that you will encounter as part of living in a community. Stray dogs, cats, livestock, and various other household pets. The random wild animal roaming into town: cougars, coyotes, snakes, and wild birds. There can also be large numbers of cats and dogs who disturb the peace with noise and other destructive behaviors.

Officers are able to respond to the following types of animal complaints:
Stray dogs and livestock
Dog bites or attacks
Deceased animals in the road
Dangerous wildlife animals
Households exceeding the limit of permitted pets
Animals causing a sustained traffic hazard
Animal cruelty or injured animals

Please call MACC Dispatch for any of the above listed complaints at 509-762-1160.

The Animal Code is listed under Title 08 of the Ephrata Municipal is NEW and IMPROVED. The full code, Title 8 - Animals is now effective. 

Current Animal Codes to be aware of:
  • Only dogs over the age of six months must be vaccinated against rabies and licensed with the Ephrata Police Department. Read More about Licensing.
  • Dogs running stray will be impound at the expense of the dog owner. Dogs, with unknown owners, that are not claimed within the 72 hour holding period are transferred to a local rescue for subsequent adoption into a new home. 
  • Barking noise can land you with a fine if the howling, yelping, or barking is frequent or habitual and annoys or disturbs a neighborhood or resident.
Pet limits per each household: 
  • Three dogs, cats, fowl, and pigeons
  • Unlimited numbers of mice, hamsters, and gerbils
  • Unlimited numbers of parakeets, finches, canaries, and other similar songbirds
  • Unlimited numbers of reptiles, amphibians,  and fish