Recycling Center

The City of Ephrata is pleased to provide the community with recycling options for cardboard, aluminum, and newspapers. 

All other items need to be placed in your home garbage or recycled through other programs. Consolidated Disposal Services, Inc (CDSI) does offer some recycling services at the Moses Lake Transfer Station

In order to continue this community recycling program, please abide by the following rules set by the municipal code:

  • Remove all recyclables from bags or boxes
  • All materials must be sorted correctly and placed completely inside the container
  • Do not leave boxes, bags, or any garbage behind in the Recycling Center
  • No bags, boxes, or other non-recyclable material may be placed inside a container
  • Cardboard must be broken down and flattened completely
  • If the facility is closed, or a container is full; please come back another day
  • No dumping materials of any kind outside the fence or outside of a full container
Failure to follow these municipal codes will result in civil penalties ranging between $31.00-$101.00
EMC 6.12.065

Contamination of recyclable materials could also result in the termination of the community's recycling program. 

For questions or concerns, contact City Hall at 509-754-4601 during business hours. 


The Recycling Center is located west of the Splash Zone parking lot at 780 A St SE, Ephrata, WA 98823.